You will be amazed at the value of a color-changing cat. Watch the video

We usually see cats around our house or in our house.  The cat that lives in our house is usually not worth it. We usually keep cats. 

But now an old video is going viral on social media.  The price of a cat is claimed to be Rs 55 crore. The cat named Zoya is from a village in Ankleshwar taluka of Gujarat.  And has become a member of the royal family. 

A video has gone viral on social media around 2015 in which a cat became a member of a family in 2013 and has given birth to about 21 cubs, and their family claims that the cat changes color three times a day.

You may have seen cats that are supposed to be black, but their fur is red.  You may have seen cats of the Oriental breed with dark fur on the sides and back, as well as on the tail, face and legs.  Or maybe one of your own cats has changed color over the years.  There are more factors that can influence a cat’s color and why a cat’s coat can change color over time

Himalayan and other Oriental cats In Siamese, the color of a cat’s coat is determined by its fur temperature.  The skin is cold on the limbs of the body (legs, tail and ears / face), thus they have white or cream colored body and dark “spots”.  But skin temperature is not the only determining factor.  Cats may have a similar effect on ambient temperature: Siamese cats may turn black during the cold winter months.

Dietary intake of the amino acid tyrosine can cause black cats’ hair to turn black and red. Tyrosine is needed to produce melanin, a dark pigment in cat fur, and if a cat does not get enough tyrosine in its diet, it may lose its fur.  .

This cat named Zoya is from a village in Ankleshwar taluka of Gujarat.  And the royal family.

વિડિઓ જોવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

Signs and inscriptions of Hindu, Muslim and Sikh religions are found on this cat.  The family claims that when the photos of the cat were uploaded on social media, a Kerala prince demanded Rs 53 crore but he refused.

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