Photo Editor Apk

Photo Editor is a small but powerful photo editing application. If you have some knowledge of photography, you can do a lot with Photo Editor. Now use Photo Editor to edit photos on your mobile phone just like you would on a PC. Features Color : exposure, brightness, contrast, saturation, temperature, tint and hue Curves … Read more

Indian Flag Letter Photo Frame

Indian Flag Letter Photo Frame: Decorate your photos with Indian Flag Letter Photo Frames App. Create your Indian Flag Letter Photo, Independence Day Wishes & Greetings Photo with awesome Indian Flag Letter Photo Frames, Stunning Effects, Sticker,s and Beautiful filters using this app. Make a cool Indian Flag Letter Photo as a profile picture for … Read more

ડીલીટ થયેલા ફોટા પાછા મેળવો ફક્ત 5 મિનિટમાં

ડીલીટ થયેલા ફોટા પાછા મેળવો ફક્ત 5 મિનિટમાં: તમારા મોબાઈલ માં ભૂલથી ફોટા ડીલીટ થઈ જાય છે તો હવે ચિંતા કરવાની જરૂર નથી. આ પોસ્ટમાં હું તમને ડીલીટ થયેલા ફોટા પાછા કઈ રીતે રિકવર કરવા તેના વિશે જણાવીશ એટલે આ પોસ્ટ છેલ્લે સુધી વાંચો. અત્યારના ડિજિટલ જમાનામાં લગભગ બધા લોકો સ્માર્ટફોન નો ઉપયોગ કરતા જ હોય છે. … Read more

યુવકના લગ્નમાં આવી પહોચી પૂર્વ પ્રેમિકા Whatsapp Messenger

 Whatsapp Messenger: WhatsApp from Facebook is a FREE messaging and video calling app. It’s used by over 2B people in more than 180 countries.  It’s simple, reliable, and private, so you can easily keep in touch with your friends and family. WhatsApp works across mobile and desktopeven on slow connections, with no subscription fees.   Private messaging across the … Read more

Weather By Weatherbug

Weather By Weather bug  Weather By Weather bug:The Most Accurate Weather Forecast. Alerts, Radar, Maps & News from Weather Bug.Be prepared for winter with Weathering’s snow forecast. See expected snowfall by hour and track snow depth for the week ahead. Customizable weather alerts let you know when snow is in the forecast.Get local forecasts, accurate … Read more