Check Online Your Vehicle’s Memo Is Broken Or Not

Although people often break the rules of the road, their baskets are kept for currency.  If you know that you have accidentally violated the rules of the road about which your car crashed, but they do not know, you should not be afraid.  You can sit at home to find out if there is a coin.  If your name explodes, you can pay at home.  So sit at home and learn if you have any notes. 

Check online to see if your car note is broken

After this you have to first click on Check Challan Status.

     – Here you will find 3 options (currency number, vehicle number, DL number).  If you click on the version with vehicle number plate.

     Enter your vehicle number in the vehicle number field after the captcha code.  Then click on Get Details.  If you click on the button, you will know if your car has a coin with its name on it.  Alternatively, you can verify the currency by entering the DL number.

Payment can be made online:

If you find currency details on the website, you can pay online.  To do this, you need to click on Pay Now next to the currency.  OTP will process your registered number.  You will then be taken to the e-currency payment website of the country concerned.  After that you have to click on Next.  The Payment Confirmation page will then appear on your screen.  Now you have to click on Continue.  Now you can pay by selecting the payment gateway.

Mobile application for Digilocker application of Government of India.

DigiLocker is a major initiative under Digital India, a flagship program of the Government of India, aimed at transforming India into a digitally enabled knowledge economy of society.  Digilocker aims at the idea of ​​paperless management, a digital authentication platform for document verification, thus eliminating the use of physical documents.  DigiLocker’s website can be accessed at

You can now access your documents and certificates with DigiLocker on your mobile devices.

Check Your Memo Status

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