Tractor Sahay Yojana 2021

 Cloud computing is the carrier of various departments on the Internet.  These assets include tools and applications such as data repositories, servers, databases, system administration and programming. 

 Cloud-based storage allows you to store files in remote databases instead of placing them on a dedicated hard drive or local storage device.  As long as the electronic device has access to the web, it may have access to information and software to operate it.

     Clouds to get computing is in is a populair choice form people and business es for you have a variety of reasons, including cost savings, increases to see how productivities, speed, efficient in a, performance and security’s. 

     Understand cloud computing

     Cloud computing is so named because the data received is located remotely in the cloud or virtual space.  Cloud service companies allow users to store files and applications on remote servers and then access all information on the Internet.  This means that the user does not have to be in a specific location to get it, and thus allows the user to work remotely.

The state government has implemented many schemes beneficial to farmers, including subsidies in several schemes, but the truth is that the bank provides subsidies to only a small number of farmers.

    Under the state government’s AGR-50 Tractor Assistance Program, farmers receive interest-free loans for tractors.  In Dwarka, 1,517 farmers asked for help from the tractors.

અરજી કરવા અહીં ક્લીક કરો

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