Mparivahan Apps Download 2020

Mparivahan Apps Download 2020


MP arivahan provides transport services to citizens through a mobile-based application.  This application provides the citizen with quick access to various information, services and facilities related to the transport sector.  The system aims to achieve comfort and transparency for the citizen.  

Know About vehicle owner name: CLICK HERE

owner’s name 

– Date of registration

 Registration officer

– Model making

Fuel type

– Age of the car

Vehicle class

Acceptance of insurance

 Recognition of health

Mparivahan Apps Download 2020

 All the information you will be shown in mahiti.

     1. To obtain information by entering the registration number of a stopped, damaged or stolen vehicle.

     2. Check your vehicle registration information.

     Second.  Check used car details.

     if you are.  If you want to buy a used car, you can check the age and registration information.

 With the above features, you can check the DL details in this app and create virtual DL and RC.

Virtualization RC / DL, encrypts a QR codes and a good, information service’s, DL / RC searching and the other, civil transportasi of notifications, RTO / traffic office fees.  Soon a full rehabilitations a good office will have services related to it.





     Innovation: * Aesthetic Design

     * Hindi application is done

     * Nearest contamination inspection center

     * User Interface Improvement

     * Performance Improvement

     * Some bug fixes

     * National Permit

     * DOB DL  I first found out

     * Ar.  Run by number

     * Dr.  Run by number

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