The eagle never closes its eyes, watch this wonderful video

 Everyone will know about Garuda Dev.  It is the chariot of Lord Vishnu.  You will find all the information about Majorrad in this article.  You can learn a lot here.  People can learn a lot.  Information can also be useful.  You can send this information to anyone who needs it.

     It is believed that there are some types of Garuda who are considered smart and whose job is to carry messages and people from here.  It was said to be a huge bird, flying over an elephant with a beak. 

     More Both lived in Dandakaranya region.  Distance doesn’t matter to him.  According to local beliefs, there was a battle between Ravana and Jatayu in the sky of Dandakaranya, and some part of Jatayu fell on Dandakaranya, so there is a temple here.

     The eagle is considered the best of the birds.  In addition to being discreet and intelligent, it has the ability to fly at high speeds.  There is a difference between an eagle and an eagle.  It is important to know why the eagle rose and spread in India.  There are many stories about eagles in the Puranas.  The eagle is the most important part of the Ramayana.

     After all, what is the secret of Lord Vishnu’s chariot eagle?  Why are they so important in Hinduism?  What was the secret of his birth and how he became God from a bird.

     Bird Temple: There is a pilgrimage site called Bird Shrine, 60 km away from Chennai.  This place of pilgrimage is on the top of Vedagiri mountain.  For centuries, the eagle’s mate descends from the distant sky in the afternoon and then returns to heaven after eating the food given to him by the temple priest.

     Hundreds of people are already present to see it.  According to the priests there, 8 Manasputras of Brahma Garuda have come out of the curse of Shiva in Satyug.  2 of them survived the curse at the end of Satyug, 2 at the end of Treta, 2 at the end of Dwapar.  The other two are said to be free at the end of Kali Yuga.

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