Gujarat Municipal Corporation Election Result Updates 2021

 The results of Gujarat’s 6 municipal elections will be announced today.  Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, Rajkot, Jamnagar and Bhavnagar are the most popular.

   Gujarat Municipal Corporation Election Results Amendments 2021

   Ahmedabad Municipal Union Election Result 2021

   Photo Municipal Union Election Results 2021

   Rajkot Municipal Election Results 2021

   Jamnagar Municipal Union Election Results 2021

   Bhavnagar Municipal Election Results 2021

   The process of counting votes during the Corona period

   Ahmedabad Police on this step before the live results of municipal elections: Action will be taken if more than 200 people participate in Vijay March

  Voting for the Manpani election took place on February 21.  Today a total of 575 seats will be counted in 144 chambers.  A total of 2,276 candidates are contesting for 6 month.

  6 many hoe kare cast in month

   The turnout averaged 46.08 per cent.  In Ahmedabad, the turnout was 42.51 per cent.  Rajkot participated 50.72 perc

ent.  In Jamnagar, the turnout was 53.38 per cent.  The turnout in the photo was 47.14 percent.  In Vadodara, the turnout was 47.84 per cent.  In Bhavnagar, the turnout was 49.46 per cent.

   The results of 575 seats in 144 chambers will be announced

   Importantly, the results will be declared in 575 out of 144 out of 6 seats.  Elections were held in 192 places of 48 chambers in Ahmedabad.  One place in Ahmedabad was earlier disputed.  In the photo, voting took place in 120 seats in 30 chambers.  Thus, the results of 76 seats in 19 chambers of Vadodara will be declared.  The election results of 72 seats of 18 chambers of Rajkot will be declared.  The results of 52 seats in 13 chambers of Bhavnagar Manpa will be declared.  Elections were held in 64 sets of 16 chambers of Jamnagar Manpa.  The result of Junagadh Manpani two seats will also be declared.

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