The brain does not age with these 5 remedies told by a psychiatrist! Find out which tips will work best for you

 The brain does not age with these 5 remedies told by a psychiatrist! Find out which tips will work best for you

Anti-aging habits of the brain: As you age and you start reaching above 50, your brain starts to undergo changes. Not only this, your brain begins to shrink and this process continues throughout life. As this shrinkage starts to increase, your ability to think, understand, remember things starts to decline, which is one of the causes of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease somewhere. Diet and your right habits are very important to avoid these diseases. Uma Naidu, director of nutritional and metabolic psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital and nutritional psychiatrist at Harvard Medical School, tells you about eating habits that protect the brain from aging.

Anti-aging habits of the brain

1-Whatever you eat, eat wisely

Instead of cutting calories, you need to focus on foods that support your brain health. You can think of it as a diet for the mind. Mind means the Mediterranean DASH diet prevents your brain from aging too quickly. This is a dietary style that helps lower your blood pressure and this dietary change prevents hypertension. The Mind Diet includes low saturated fat, high amounts of healthy oils, and low consumption of red meat.

2- Eat green vegetables

Being completely strict on calorie intake or following a mind diet sometimes becomes a compulsion for you. Naidu says it is very important to have the best memory-protecting foods on your plate, for which green leafy vegetables, kale, spinach are very important. You can consume green vegetables twice a day. These green vegetables contain nutrients like folate, vitamin E, carotenoids and flavonoids, which work to boost your memory.

3-Take a vegetarian diet

Vegetables rich in polyphenols are yellow and red peppers, carrots, broccoli, cabbage, peas, beetroot. You should consume it at least three times a day. Let us tell you that broccoli, cabbage and Brussels sprouts are also rich in anti-inflammatory elements, which help protect your brain from any harmful effects.

4-Eat berries and nuts

The colorful berries are rich in flavonoids and other brain-beneficial sources. Some studies have shown that compounds in blueberries help reduce free radicals and inflammation in the brain. Nuts are also neuroprotective. Vitamin E present in peanut butter, dry roasted almonds, hazelnuts and sunflower seeds helps you reduce stress and anxiety and PTSD symptoms.

5- Take olive oil

Raw olive oil works to maintain heart health. The healthy fats present in it contain at least 30 phenolic compounds, which are endowed with powerful anti-oxidant and brain-protecting properties. Not only that, they contain brain-protecting polyphenols, for which you can include onions, garlic, capsicum, tomatoes and chilies.

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