RBI launches Mani app to challenge currency notes

 RBI has launched a Fiat Problem Pill Application

     RBI Mobile Aid ID for the visually impaired

     Banknotes (new) have been presented in the Mahatma Gandhi sect and with changes in size and design.

     November 2016. Bank notes have been issued under this new category 

     Denominations of Rs 10, Rs 20, Rs 50, Rs 100, Rs 200 and Rs 2000 were issued.  The Reserve Bank of India is sensitive to the problems that blind Indian banknotes deal with on a daily basis.  The application will help blind people to recognize the value of Indian notes of Mahatma Gandhi series and Mahatma Gandhi series (new) and to take a picture of the note placed in front of the rear camera of the mobile phone.  The application creates a dual and silent voice notification to inform the user about coin puja. 

     Mumbai: To help various people, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on Wednesday launched a mobile application to identify banknotes.  The trade union minister said that blind people can know the value of notes using the application, and it can work without an internet connection.

     Users can download an application called “MNI”, which is the abbreviation for the mobile identifier attached to the notes, and scan the notes with a camera and present our results in Indian and English.  It will be in 

     Disclaimer – This mobile application is provided by the Reserve Bank of India at any cost to identify Indian banknotes for the visually impaired.  The RBI or its officers, agencies, officers, employees or consultants make any warranties, representations or representations, or indicate the completeness or accuracy of the results provided by the application.  , Including, but not limited to, status differences that may vary by account, including banknote lighting, exchange status, and intrusion into nearby facilities.

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      Users can use discretion by looking at categories to confirm notes, adding application results in other ways.  The Reserve Bank of India will not be responsible or liable to India and India for the outcome of the application and any decision made by the users.  By accepting, using or using this application, you accept this rejection.  This mobile application does not, in fact, verify or authenticate Indian banknotes.

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