PixelLab-Text On Pictures

 Draw easily, add simple texts, 3b and stickers and edit your photos for free!

     Adding stylish text, 3B text, shapes, stickers and pictures to your photos has never been so easy.  A simple and clean interface that allows you to focus on everything you do, including predefined information, fonts, stickers and backgrounds, you’ll experience over 60 unique options that you can customize and personalize  you can.  Create amazing graphics and surprise your friends with your phone or tablet. 


     Text: Add and customize as many text Add objects as you want …

     3B Text: Create 3B text and place it on top of your photo or make sure it stands out on a cool poster …

     Text Effects: Add your own text to Shadows, Internal Shadows, Strokes, Backgrounds, Reflections, Embinging, Masks and 3B Text Effects.

     Text color: Be it a simple color, linear gradient, radial gradient or image composition, customize your text to the filling option you want.

     Text Font: Choose from over 100 hand-defined fonts.  Or use your own fonts.

     Tags: You can add as many stickers, emojis, shapes and personalizations as you like …

     Import a picture: Add your own photos from the gallery.  This can come in handy when you have your own stickers or when you want to combine two pictures …

     Drawing: Choose the size and color of the pencil, then draw whatever you like.  After that, the picture works like a shape and you can add shapes, rotate, shadows ..

     Background Change: With the ability to create: color, gradation or image.

     Save as project: You can save anything as a project.  It will be available even after closing the application.

     Blurred background: This is a green screen, a blue screen, or a white background behind the image you find in Google Photos;  Pixellab can make it transparent for you.

     Edit image perspective: You can now change the perspective.  Change the interior of the work screen, change the text of the street sign, add a logo to the square …

     Visual Effects: Improve the look of your photos using some existing effects, including vignettes, charts, color, saturation.

     Export your photo: Save or share any format or resolution you want, you can use the Quick Share button to share an image on a social media app by pressing a button for easy access access (like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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     Create members: With the memory tools provided, you can easily prepare to share your memes in seconds.

     See the quotes and enter what you want.

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