Pashu Khandan Sahay Yojana 2021

 Livestock and agriculture are closely related.  The Government of Gujarat has implemented various government programs keeping in view the development of farmers.  Ikhedoot Gate was established by the Ministry of Agricultural Co-operation, Government of Gujarat.  Information about 2021 Krishi Yojana can be obtained through this portal.  In this farming portal, farmers can apply online for plots, farming, animal husbandry, gardening, fishing etc.  In this article we will give information about livestock assistance scheme in livestock schemes. 

Bashu Khandan Sahay Yojana 2021

     Gujarat pastoralists can get subsidized fodder in their milk producing communities.  The beneficiary of this scheme should be a member of the dairy company.  If shepherd cows, buffaloes or other animals are nutritious, the beneficiaries will be given 50% feed.

The purpose of the Farmer Portal is to reject animals

The Gujarat government wants to make the state’s pastoralists self-reliant by raising more and more cattle.  Why will the Gujarat government provide direct assistance in purchasing animal feed, which is the staple food for animals?  So that the shepherds can take good care of their animals.  

Eligibility to support Cattle and Mining

The applicant should be a farmer or a breeder. Cows should have cows, buffaloes and other animals.

Livestock must be sterilized by cows and buffaloes.

The applicant must be a member of a dairy company.

Beneficiaries of livestock will be economically weaker persons (EWS), OBC, SC and ST – common species. 

To use this plan under i khedut, you must provide details of when you received the benefit in advance.

 The scheme must be applied online through the farmer portal.

The area must be distributed by a cooperative of dairy producers.   

Benefits of Bashu Rebuttal Chart

Citizens of Gujarat will get the benefit of this scheme.  All breeders, members of the dairy cooperative, will benefit from this scheme on the Ikhedut 2021 portal.

Each shepherd is given 50% assistance for 150 kg of feed. 

Up to 150 kg will be given to the Ikhdot Gate subsidy sponsor

Pet Food Program Documentation 

In the current financial year 2021-22, the ikhedut portal started applying for various government programs.  The following documents are required to use this system:

1. Shepherds sterilize animals.

2. Must be a member of the Milk Circle.

3. Xerox Ration Card:

4. Planned Class (SC) և Planned Race Certificate (ST) (if applicable)

5. Disability Certificate (if any) for the applicant with disability

6. Damaged vet card

Important Link

Apply Online: Click Here

Read official Circular

Gujarat Mukhyamantri Pashudan Sahay Yojana has started helping thousands of pastoralists in the state.  State Government.  Fixed at Rs.  200 religions to implement Mantri Bashodan Sahita Yojana.  Under the scheme, when a cow or buffalo gives birth to a calf, the government will provide 150 kg of feed to the animals at a 50% discount for one month.

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