Palak Mata Pita Yojana By Gujarat Government

There is no other decision as a family for solid and adjusted improvement of youth.  Despite some unforeseen circumstances, his trapped youth is not ready to experience childhood in his family, bringing his children to the base of their children along these lines.  Unions can be considered according to the old opinion of the common people, if all else fails just for Tyke.  The legislature began implementing the plan in 1978 on the basis of a new parental plan, bringing in an alternative family, as opposed to making such poor stray children ubiquitous and inclusive.


The foster parents scheme is working to ensure that the children who have parents in the society can be brought up well by their foster parents.  When the parents of many children die and the mother remarries, the responsibility of raising them falls on others.


Assistance is being provided by the government so that the children can be brought up well by such foster parents.  Rs 3,000 is given to such children every month.  Assistance is given to the guardians of children up to the age of 18 years whose parents have passed away while studying in the school.  In order for such children to complete their studies, the foster parents are enrolled in the scheme and are assisted.  What is Porbandar Foster Parents Scheme The children of the students who are studying or whose parents have remarried after the death of the father are benefited by the scheme.  Foster parents have to register with the District Social Reform Office to avail the benefits of the scheme.  The scheme does not seem to be a burden for the orphans and helps in raising the children.

Tiwara nago 2 non pls do not seem and help to raise children.  In – Children without father or father are given assistance of Rs. 3,000

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