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Mortgage industry  Operates in a slightly different way than in many other parts of the world.  Mortgage loans are treated as business paper, meaning the lender can give and assign them to the state for free.  This results in situations when financial institutions bundle mortgage loans into securities that people can invest in.

U.S.  There are also a number of government-sponsored ventures in, such as Freddie McKay and Fannie Mae, that exist to facilitate this system.  Most mortgages have fixed rates, which are far from the variable rates seen in Europe and elsewhere.

The Golden Card will be made at two locations at the hospital and at the Common Service Center (CSAC).  CSC is easily found in villages.  CSC CEO DC Tyagi said preparations for the Golden Card at the Common Service Center have been completed.  Card making will start from next week.  You have to pay Rs 30 to make the card.  The card will be laminated.  The person involved in the scheme can come to CSC and check your name in the list of Ayushman Bharat.



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Ayushman Bharat Hospital List 2022
ગુજરાતીમાં સમચાર વિગતે જાણો.
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તમારું નામ છે કે નહિ? જુવો અહીંથી.
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A card with a name will be created.  Tyagi said that if there are five people in a family, each will have a separate card.  In addition to CSC, the card will also be made in the hospital.  The card will be made free at the hospital.  Even so, it costs Rs 50 to Rs 100 to travel from the village to the hospital.  Hazaribagh District Hospital became the first Golden Card in the country under Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana.  The first golden card is made in the name of a woman named Renu Devi.

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