News of great relief came amidst the Corona crisis

  For which the Gujarat government has received reports from high officials of cities and districts.  Based on which the release will be started in two days.  Consideration is also being given to start a school college with industry in particular, in which schools may be ordered to open in the second week of June and all students to wear mandatory masks.  

It may also be a rule to keep a distance of one meter between two students

 According to an education official, children may be required to wear masks when schools reopen.  Not only that, a rule of one meter between two children will also be made.

The work of he departments directly related to the people is in full swing

In addition to education in the state, various schemes are being implemented  As per Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s order on the lockdown with the new Rupargan, Chief Minister Rupani has also said that Gujarat wants to follow the Centre’s order and guidelines.  Stricter checking will be done at the entry checkposts inside the city after the lockdown.

  Thus in the red zone of GujaratSagira’s letter to run away with her lover: ‘SORRY dad, I love a boy very much, don’t look for me, understand that my daughter is dead.

 Sagira, a resident of Gomtipur area, absconded with her boyfriend, police said

 Sagira, 17, who lives in the Gomtipur area of ​​the city, has fled the house with her boyfriend.  Before fleeing, Sagira wrote a letter in which she apologized to her father.  SORRY herself loves a young man very much and he is married to her.  Don’t explore it.  You made me feel bad.  Anxious father, who fled after writing such a letter, lodged a complaint at the Gomtipur police station and the police have registered a case and started investigation.

ગુજરાતીમાં ન્યૂઝ વાંચો અહીં ક્લિક કરી

 A 45-year-old man lives in Gomtipur area with his wife, two daughters and a son.  The eldest daughter is 17 years old.  The children were at home when the two went to work on Saturday morning.  The eldest daughter was missing when they arrived for lunch.  So as not to be found navigating around.  Searching for her daughter’s documents, she found a note in a notebook in which she wrote, “Daddy SORRY I didn’t want to take your Ijjat but I started to LOVE a boy and you didn’t believe us so we had to take the risk of running away. SORRY Daddy don’t try to find me.”  Because I love him so much and we are married in the temple. He is not a boy here so don’t look for me and him here ok.

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વિજ્ઞાન ટેકનોલોજી

સામાજીક વિજ્ઞાન

 Suppose I had only one daughter and the other died.  No need to file a police case I’m happy with it.  SORRY Don’t look for me to hurt you OK. And ME you just wanted someone to run away with.  Dad, I will live with the one with whom I am barley.  I promise.

 In the letter, the father apologized to his father and went to different places to find the daughter who was staying with her boyfriend.

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