In the non-reserved category more than 32 cast will get the reserve, this being all the list

 AHMEDABAD: The state government has decided to issue certificates for non-reserved class.  Thus now a certificate will be made for non-reserved class like SC, ST, OBC.  The benefit of this certificate will be available only to the people who are originally from Gujarat. This certificate will be given to get the benefit of economic and educational schemes. 

  Recommendations made by the Non-Reserved Commission A few days ago, the Non-Reserved Commission made some important suggestions to the Government of Gujarat to provide non-reserved class benefits like reservation, with special emphasis on competitive examination for government jobs and education.

 The Commission on Non-Reserved Classes has suggested to the Government that the age limit in competitive examinations for government jobs as well as for non-reserved classes should be waived for examinations as well as for non-reserved classes.  To provide education loan at the rate of one per cent for higher studies like MBBS for educational and employment oriented schemes and fees for hostel at Prestigious Institute.  And suggested to give study loan in Honorable College Base University abroad. 

Gandhinagar: The Gujarat government has issued a notification regarding women’s reservation.  Implementation of the circular dated 1-8-2018 LRD announced a compromise formula for the agitators by increasing the number of seats to 2127 by increasing the number of seats to 2127 so as not to cause injustice to women candidates.  However, the disappointing fact for the government, which expects the agitation to be withdrawn later, is that the agitators are adamant on canceling the circular and announcing to keep the agitation intact.  Apart from this, the Deputy Chief Minister said that the state government has also decided to recruit super numerical posts to create more job opportunities in the state police force.

  As a result, sisters in both reserved and non-reserved classes will get more opportunity in recruitment on the basis of merit.  Sisters who have secured 50% marks and 62.5 marks in the LRD recruitment process will be given the benefit.  Giving information about this, the Deputy Chief Minister said that the number of sisters of Bakshipanch has been increased from 1834 to 3248, the number of sisters in general category has been increased from 421 to 880 and the number of Sc has been increased from 346 to 588 and ST from 476 to 511. 


 In addition to this, by increasing the previous cutoff marks to 62.5 marks, the sisters of both classes will benefit from the total 5227 seats.

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