Maha Shivratri Photo Frame 2021

 Dharma Desk: Darikh 9 is the festival of God Diwali.  While our Jayanacharya Ashish Rahla and Pradyuman Bhatt are showing here in which direction according to the object, which type of rangoli should be used.  This color and rangoli brings happiness and prosperity in the house. 

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 North direction: Hal lao, blue, green, sky pink color can be used to make rangoli in this direction, do not use with direction afa danya.  Khak is considered to be the realm of Kubera, the god of wealth, so he made a rangoli of pictures like a Chom Prana, a son.  Making a very small forgo.  All types of cars can be used in Rangoli.  Which was seen to be the essence of progress. 

The roli of Singh, the goddess of God, can be inscribed.  South direction used all kinds of legs.  Rangoli should be made.  Rangoli design made large size.  In this direction, a picture can be drawn in the design of the relay.  This direction.  Making rangoli will increase self-confidence, the illness of the members will be removed and happiness will prevail in the family.  Will grow.  Ko [kaju dhashe against true commitment.  Will avoid accidental death.

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  East direction: Use rangoli like orange, light red, pink, brown to make a full rangol.  Square, rectangular, triangle shape V in this direction.  Making a pill will lead to more happiness and peace.  As well as not making an oval ring, positive energy communication will take place in the doors.  Respect, position and prestige will be instinctively achieved.  There will be contingent gains in business. 

West Direction: Rangoli should be made with gilden colors.Never use black, blue color in this direction rangoli.Rangoli made in different designs should use red and yellow color more if possible.  Imagine a picture, a modern picture, like the steps of a small child or armor in a rangoli. This time will be auspicious.

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