Important things all parents should know about baby heat rash

 Important things all parents should know about baby heat rash

Heat rash affects about 40% of children. This can also happen due to not fully developed sweat glands in children. In some cases, this can also be due to blocked sweat glands or excessive overheating. If some home remedies are used after consulting a doctor, then these heat rash can be easily cured. Its symptoms include red rash on the skin of the child, excessive itching, water-filled blisters, swelling around the rash, pustules form etc. From where the skin turns, such as the neck or the diaper area, this rash is more visible.

heat rash treatment

According to, if there is a very mild rash and the symptoms are also being seen very mild, then it gets cured on its own within a day. Medicines or creams are not given for use in children. If the baby gets this condition within three weeks of birth, then the doctor may recommend using topical steroids on their skin. Wipe the baby’s skin with a cloth soaked in cold water and make it completely clean and cool.

How to prevent heat rash

Keep the child in light and light clothes. Wipe off the sweat coming in the skin folds of the child and always leave the skin dry. Keep the child under the fan or in the AC so that he does not feel hot and does not feel much trouble. Many times, due to wearing clothes too heavy or too tight and stinging, the child also starts getting rashes on their skin, so do not do this.

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