To get relief from the problem of ‘stone’ in a natural way, adopt these 5 home remedies, the effect will be visible

 To get relief from the problem of ‘stone’ in a natural way, adopt these 5 home remedies, the effect will be visible

Due to wrong eating habits or bad lifestyle, many diseases surround the body. One of these is kidney stone. In today’s time, a large number of people are struggling with the problem of stones. During this, it becomes very difficult to tolerate the pain in the stomach. If the stones are less made then they are easily passed out through urine. But if their number is more then it has a bad effect on the body. Small kidney stones can be removed with the help of medicines and natural things. For this, some patience is needed along with rules and abstinence. If you want that you do not have much problem in stone or it comes out naturally, then these 5 home remedies can prove to be effective for you.

How is stone formed?

Kidney is an important part of the body. Its job is to filter the blood. During blood filtration by the kidneys, sodium, calcium and other minerals reach the bladder through the ureter in the form of fine particles, which are passed out of the body through urine. When the amount of these elements in the blood increases, then they get deposited in the kidney and take the shape of stone pieces, due to which there is a blockage in the way of urine reaching the bladder and the problem of kidney stone i.e. kidney stone arises. .

5 home remedies to get relief in stones

Lemon Juice and Olives

Lemon juice works to break down stones and olive oil is helpful in flushing it out. Squeeze a lemon in a glass of water and add a little olive oil. Mix it well and drink it. By doing this, stones can come out in no time.

Apple vinegar

Apple vinegar contains citric acid, which works to cut kidney stones into small particles. Taking two teaspoons of vinegar with warm water can provide great relief in the problem of stone.

Pomegranate juice

Pomegranate can be a better option for relief in the problem of stones. By drinking its juice, there is no shortage of water in the body and it provides relief in kidney stones in a natural way.

Cardamom, sugar candy and melon seeds

Make a powder by grinding large cardamom seeds. Mix 1 tsp powder in a glass of water and add 1 tsp sugar candy and some melon seeds and soak overnight. In the morning, chew the things lying in it well and eat it and drink all the water. This can give you relief.

Pathar Chatta Juice

Pathar Chatta plant is easily available. Take a leaf of it and grind some sugar candy in it. By consuming it two to three times a day, the stone can come out in no time.

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