If you know these disadvantages of cold drinks, then you will do it today

If you know these disadvantages of cold drinks, then you will do it today. 

Cold Drinks Side Effects: If you look in the fridge of many homes, then cold drinks will definitely be seen. 

People like to drink cold drinks from home, office to party functions as well. There is a lot of craze among the youth for this. Although these cold drinks have a very bad effect on the body. According to Health line, it can not only increase your weight, but also damages the liver. Apart from this, it also disturbs your metabolism and can also increase the problem of insulin. Apart from this, it can also become the cause of diabetes type 2. So let us know that if you consume cold drinks, then what can be the harm to your health

1. Increase Weight

The element sucrose is found in cold drinks, from which fructose is formed. We get calories from fructose and since cold drinks contain a lot of sugar, it can cause weight gain. A study has found that daily consumption of sugary drinks increases the risk of obesity by 60 percent.

2. Damages the liver

Glucose and fructose are very high in cold drinks. Since these drinks are high in sugar, the liver has to struggle a lot to digest the fructose. Due to which there is a complaint of inflammation in the liver.

3. Increases Belly Fat

Due to the consumption of cold drinks, fat accumulates around the stomach and belly fat starts increasing. Which can lead to diabetes and heart diseases.

4. Unbalances Insulin

Due to the rapid increase in the amount of sugar in the body, the balance of insulin starts deteriorating, it can also prove to be fatal.

5. Risk of Diabetes

Cold drinks and soft drinks contain a lot of sugar, which increases the risk of type-2 diabetes. Some research has found that people become addicted to it, due to which dopamine is released in the brain, which makes feel good.

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