The way to see the palm, just pay attention to these lines and ridges of the palm

 The way to see the palm, just pay attention to these lines and ridges of the palm

A person’s future can be seen through palmistry. This form of astrology is easy to learn. All we need to know is the information about the lines formed on the palm and the raised mountains. While looking at the palm you should first look at the texture of the fingers, thumb and palm. One needs to understand the difference between these two hand lines and their texture.

If the girl is a girl then see her left hand and the boy is her right palm. Before starting palmistry look at the thumb, then look at the softness or hardness of the palm. The deeper and more carefully you study the hands, the more accurate and correct your predictions will be.

The lines that appear on our hands have a deep connection with our future. If these lines are studied carefully then we can get information about the events happening in our future. By the way, all the lines of our hands are given different importance. How much respect and money a person will get in his lifetime is also known by studying the lines. But for this we need to know palm lines.

Prominent lines forming on the palm

The heart line is at the top of the palm and under the fingers. It starts from the little finger and moves towards the index finger.

The brain line starts from the bottom of the index finger and moves towards the outer edge.

The life line originates between the thumb and forefinger and extends towards the wrist i.e. Manibandha.

The place below the palm which we call Manibandha, the line that goes from there to the middle finger is called Bhagya Rekha.

Vidya Rekha starts between ring and middle finger. This line is inclined towards the ring finger.

The marriage line is at the bottom of the little finger.

Mountains forming on the palm

Mount Guru is called the part below the index finger.

Shani Parvata is located below Madhyam.

The mountain below the ring finger is called Surya Parvat.

The mountain below Kanishtha is called Budha Parvat.

The mountain under the thumb is called Venus mountain.

Consider the palm lines and mountains in this way

If the lines on a person’s palm are more jagged then it is not an inauspicious sign for him. While clear lines indicate auspiciousness. On the other hand, the higher the elevation of the mountains in the palm, the better it will be for that person.

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