How to choose the best collared shirt or T-shirt, you will get a smart look in minutes

 How to choose the best collared shirt or T-shirt, you will get a smart look in minutes

Fashion Tips:  Wearing shorts and T-shirts is included in the all time fashion trend. At the same time, the craze of wearing shorts and T-shirts has increased a lot among men as well as women. However, everyone has their own choice regarding shirts and T-shirts. In such a situation, if you like to wear a collar based shirt or T-shirt, and then in some easy ways, you can choose the best collared shirt and T-shirt for yourself.

In today’s growing fashion trend, wearing a collared shirt or T-shirt is a good option for both casual and professional look. At the same time, you can also see many options in the collar of shirts and T-shirts. However, not every type of collar suits everyone. In such a situation, by following some tips, you can easily select the best collared shirt or T-shirt for you.

Focus on fitting

While buying a shirt or t-shirt, people pay close attention to the fitting of the clothes, but the fitting of the collar is avoided many times, so it is better to wear a shirt or t-shirt to check the fitting of the collar. After that close the up button. Now put the fingers between the collar and the neck. The fitting of the collar is perfect when the finger is gone.

Casual and Formal Look Collar

Casual and formal look shirts or T-shirts have different collars. Where the collars of casual wear are soft. At the same time, formal collars are stiff. In such a situation, you can choose a shirt or T-shirt according to your convenience.

Do not avoid face

Many times the collar of the best color and fitting shirt or T-shirt does not suit your face. In such a situation, do not ignore the face while buying a shirt or T-shirt. Let us tell you that point collars on round faces and tab or point collars look very good on square faces.

Types of Collar

All collared shirts or T-shirts generally look the same, but you will be surprised to know that there are seven types of collars of shirts or T-shirts. Yes, apart from point collar, wide spread collar suits thin and tall faces, cutaway collar horizontal face, club collar for short face and button collar, tab collar or wing collar for formal look.

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