Are you your ‘helicopter parent’ too? Know the advantages and disadvantages of this for the child

Are you your ‘helicopter parent’ too? Know the advantages and disadvantages of this for the child

Helicopter Parenting: All parents want to see their child at a better stage in life. For this, they do not want to leave any gap in her upbringing. The upbringing of a child starts from his birth. Learning to walk, falling, eating something, these small things start preparing for the future of the child. Many parents want to see their child grow on their own, while there are many parents who always want to be the support of the child but this is not possible in real life.

You cannot always be present with your child. In such a situation, for the good future of your child, you should know that whether you are doing helicopter parenting or not knowingly or unknowingly becoming helicopter parents. Today we will explain this to you in detail.

Who are helicopter parents?

Parents who interfere excessively in the lives of their children are called helicopter parents, and according to Health line, this type of parenting is called helicopter parenting or co-coating. Let us tell you that this term was first used in the year 1969. Dr. Hem Ginot used the term ‘helicopter parenting’ in his book ‘Between Parent and Teenager’.

Actually, some parents are very worried about the future of their children, so they want to help the child in everything and do it. They care more than they need and are always looking for a way to take the child forward. At the same time, they want to do everything themselves to save the child from every problem, that is, they start spoon feeding the child in every task. This is helicopter parenting.

Benefits of helicopter parenting

You may wonder what’s wrong with caring for or helping a child. Actually, children do not benefit from helicopter parenting. Let us tell you that it has been told in research that excessive interference of parents can cause problems for the child in school-college or later.

Disadvantages of helicopter parenting

This type of parenting can lead to a lack of confidence in the child.

The self-esteem of the child does not develop.

Can’t take any decision on its own.

The child is unable to believe in his own ability.

He runs away from handling responsibilities alone.

Not only this, you might be surprised to know that in a study conducted in 2014, it was found that children of helicopter parents were more at risk of becoming stressed or suffering from dehydration. However, this study was done on a limited number of people. This was done on a very small population in Turkey, mostly women. Therefore its facts cannot be confirmed.

How to get rid of it?

The long term effects of helicopter parenting should not be overlooked.

Ask yourself if you want your child to always be dependent on you for everything?

If your child is old enough to do something for himself, let him do it and stop interfering. This can include small things like tying the shoelaces yourself, cleaning the room or choosing your own clothes.

Let the child decide for himself according to the age.

Don’t interrupt or try to fix things after your child has a fight or argument with a friend, classmate, or co-worker. Motivate him to solve the problem on his own.

Let the child fail. It is difficult but not getting instant success can teach him to face disappointment.

Now you have to decide what is right for your child and what is not.

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