HI Translate: Online Language Translator

 The Hi Translation is a free speech  translator in 88 languages, counting Hindi to English, Marathi to English and more.  utmost translation can be counting to almost any app (Facebook, Whats App, Messenger, Hike, Geo cheat text translation, etc.).  The Hi Translation is useful for the translating texts and convert images with just one click.  Come and sign with the your foreign friends. 

The most pleasant languages ​​include:

  •  Translated from English into Hindi;
  • Translated from Tamil to Hindi
  • English to Marathi translation;
  • Translation from Hindi to Urdu;
  • Arabic to English translation, etc.


1) Support many social media subtitles

The Hi Translate supports many app translations, counting text translation on Facebook, Whats App and Messenger.  You can not dragon the floating-point ball over the textile or double-tap the moving ball to translate foreign languages ​​into your own language. 

  Note: It is selected to copy the text to the clipboard for the remove on Facebook and Messenger.

 2) Translate the conversation 

The Hello Translation supports Chat Translation, Whats App, Walking King, Geo chat Text Translation.  You can translate your friends ‘messages and translate your language into your friends’ speech  .  Hi translation, your simple translation helps you make friends all over the globe . Hello translation…

કોરોના સહાય 50000 ફોર્મ : ડાઉનલોડ કરવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો 

 Instructions :

 1) preserve required consent and real-time network.

 2) Bubble text translator: 

drew the floating ball onto the content of the chat bubble, and the content of the balloon will be translated into the target language in just one step. 

3) The Translate the language of the input box: Enter any language in the talk box, drag and drop the moving translation ball into the text in the dialog box, and your friends will be translate the text.

 4) The Translate the entire application page now double-click on the moving translation ball, the entire application page will be translated into your native language.  A step towards becoming more expert in learning a foreign language.

5) Translate text to clipboard: 

 Copy the text and tap the moving ball to translate.  The copy text will be successfully translated into your language in one second.

To change the position of the moving  ball, hold down the moving translation ball.

6) Long press on the moving  translation ball to change the position of the floating ball.  

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