Income Certificate In Gram Panchayat

 The main objective of our government is to run the country and keep it progressive.  Overall the different needs of the people should be taken into consideration and ‘pressure’ needs to be given where needed.  Various schemes have been launched by both the State and Central Governments which can benefit the citizens.  However, in a country with a population in the billions, it is difficult to identify what kind of benefits it really deserves. 

  Therefore, the government issues a variety of certificates upon presentation of valid evidence.  One such type of certificate is the income certificate.  It can be used to take advantage of plans where eligibility is determined based on the annual income of the individual or his family. 

What is an income certificate?

  A certificates of in come is a documents issued by an authority’s of under the state governments of that certified the annual income of an individual’s or his familie from all sourced.  The actual certificate that give such a certificated varies from state to state.  It is usually the village tehsildar who gives the certificate but in many states and union territories there are also district magistrates / collectors, revenue circle officers, sub-divisional magistrates or other district authorities appointed for this purpose.  In some parts of the country, this certificate is also known as ‘EWS Certificate’ which is used for ‘Economically Weak Section Certificate’.

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