Dealing with ants in your home? Use this trick to make them disappear!

 Dealing with ants in your home? Use this trick to make them disappear!

Most of the people like summer, the weather gets hot and it is very pleasant to spend time outside. Sunlight and fresh air are great for us, but summer also brings its drawbacks. One problem that many people face during the summer months are insects. They seem to come out of nowhere and can be really annoying. Ants in particular can be a real nuisance as they are very attracted to leftover food.

This attraction is what causes seemingly endless colonies of ants that regularly invade your garden, your balcony or even your kitchen. Although ants are small and harmless, they are certainly not particularly hygienic and it is very unpleasant to include them in your diet. Even though there are many chemical insecticides available to combat this problem, using these products is not a particularly pleasant idea. No one wants to bombard their kitchen with chemicals just to get rid of some annoying ants. This is especially true if you have small children or pets. What if I told you that you can solve this issue with a simple trick and you only need ingredients that you already have in your home?

As hot weather often intensifies the smell, keep reading to learn what can be done about it.

The smell of garbage is something that no one wants to have in or near their home. As a quick solution to this problem, you can use baking soda and regularly dump some of it in your trash. Another way to combat bad odor is to use a slightly cotton cloth soaked in essential oils. Just drop it in the bottom of the bucket and it will help hide the unpleasant smell of garbage on hot summer days.

If you’re still looking for a way to keep ants from taking over your kitchen, we have a list of some of the best ways to get rid of them!


One of the reasons ants are so annoying is their incredible sense of smell, which allows them to locate food sources at great distances. Luckily, this sense of smell is also a great tool to make sure they stay away. Ants hate the smell of cinnamon, which makes them surprisingly easy to keep away from. All you have to do is mix some cinnamon oil in water and apply this mixture on the areas where you have seen ants earlier. You can also place cinnamon tubes near windows or doors to prevent ants from entering the house. Alternatively, you can also use a more radical approach and spray the little buggers directly with a mixture of water and cinnamon oil.


Ants react very strongly to vinegar, which makes this inexpensive household item ideal when trying to get rid of them. The easiest way to use vinegar for this purpose is to make a mixture of water and vinegar and spray the ant colonies directly with it. You can also apply it on windows and doors. To make sure this method works, you’ll need to apply the vinegar mixture regularly until the ants stop.


Borax, also known as sodium tetraborate, is used in many cleaning products as well as insecticides. This colorless crystal salt can be purchased at pharmacies, some supermarkets, as well as home improvement stores. Simply dissolve two tablespoons of borax in a medium-sized amount of hot water and add some sugar to the mixture. You will then need to soak small pieces of cotton wool in the liquid and place them in areas where ants frequent (such as windows, doors, or kitchen tops). The sugar will attract the ants, while the sodium tetraborate will kill them.

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