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One of the car’s virus transmission |  A warning has been issued.  A magic candle was brought by the family on a young man’s birthday.  This magic candle was soon extinguished by a young man, but it was not extinguished.


Present during |  People are very positive about this young man’s birthday with this magic candle  Dhingamasti but was unaware of the reason for it and when he came to the positive friends and 4 people of the family he used the time indicator.

Corona is infected.  The mother of the young man informed the people present at the party by phone to make a test birthday party cake.  If the young man’s mother had not eaten, she would not have eaten the cake safely, so she survived  There were reports of survivors from the car.  Apart from them the members are also positive.  However, this was the case in Ahmedabad.


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The red light is the same.  After cutting the birthday cake, there was a frequent begging party in the bar garden due to the magical candle, in which a chair was placed keeping the candle dry despite the loudness of socializing.

No, the cake was cut in a room where there were a total of 30 to 40 people at the birthday party. Many people gathered in the room, but some did not even wear masks.  Gave.  People who came in the mouth positive.  All the friends who came to the party, wore Marak and avoided eating all the members sitting in the group but in the other room also got the test negative.  Were tested.  His report is negative  Came.

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