What is the primary treatment for dog bite? Learn from a doctor how to avoid rabies

What is the primary treatment for dog bite? Learn from a doctor how to avoid rabies

First Aid For Dog Bite: Some such videos went viral on social media in the past, in which pet dogs attacked the people around them. In the video of Noida, a child was bitten by a dog in a lift and a similar incident happened with a delivery boy. Although incidents of stray dog ​​bites often come to the fore, but for some time now, the cases of pet dog bites have increased the tension of everyone. Dogs attack children quickly. According to experts, dog bites can cause serious diseases like rabies to people. To avoid serious conditions, people must take first aid immediately after a dog bite.

What do experts say? According to Dr. Haravatar Singh of Harry Pets Clinic and Surgery Center

Yamuna Vihar, New Delhi, people are at risk of rabies and other zoonotic diseases due to dog bites. Dogs, cats and monkeys carry the Lassa virus of rabies, which is transmitted to humans through saliva. It is worth noting that pet dog bites can also cause serious illness. Many people think that unnecessary things reduce the danger but it is not so. After dog bite, carelessness should not be taken at all. People should get proper treatment after first aid.

What is the primary treatment after dog bite?

Dr. Haravatar Singh says that the place where the dog bites, the place should be continuously washed with soap and water for about 10 minutes. The Lassa virus, which is released from the dog’s saliva, is eliminated due to the elements present in the soap. After this, you can apply anti bacterial or any other wound healing cream on the wound. If there is excessive bleeding or the wound is more, then in such a condition the doctor should be contacted as soon as possible. Apart from this, anti rabies vaccine (ARV) should be administered within 24 hours. If you have been bitten by a dog infected with rabies, then proper treatment should be started within a few hours without delay.

When should injections be given?

According to the veterinary doctor, people should get the first dose of anti-rabies vaccine within 24 hours of a dog bite. If the condition is critical, sometimes doctors also apply anti-rabies serum after the vaccine. The second dose of vaccine is administered on the third day, the third dose on the seventh day, the fourth dose on the 14th day and the fifth dose on the 28th day. A total of 5 doses are applied.

Vaccination of pet dogs is necessary

Dr. Haravatar Singh tells that everyone must get vaccination of pet dogs. Vaccination of dogs is necessary every year. If the dog is fully vaccinated and bites someone, then the risk of the condition becoming serious is less. Especially before adopting dangerous breed dogs, they should get all the vaccines. If the dog is becoming more aggressive then the veterinary doctor should be shown.

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