Viral Video: Making fun of a monkey is hard for a girl

  Viral Video: Making fun of a monkey is hard for a girl

Even if the animal is kept in a cage, it should not be molested.  If they get angry, it’s hard to make fun of them.  There are many people who will be not stop harassing caged animals in zoos.

  One such video is going viral on social media.  Where a woman makes the mistake of molesting a monkey (Monkey Videos), the animal teaches her a lesson she never dreamed of.

 We all know that monkeys are known for their fierce nature.  If something is not to his liking, he can spoil it.  Sometimes they even teach people such a lesson with their fierce nature.Which they remember for life.  Something similar is a going viral these days.  Where an angry monkey has played a girl’s band.

 In the video, the boys can be seen teasing the monkey by approaching its cage while walking around the zoo, causing the monkey to become enraged and then the animal grabs the girl’s hair and does not let go. 

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The bystanders somehow distract the monkey and release the girl’s hair, but as the girl moves to the other side, all the monkeys start pulling her hair together.  It seems that everyone has planned and made the girl their target.

The video was shared on YouTube by an account named Lil Mota.  The video, which was uploaded a week ago, has been viewed by more than 10 lakh people so far.  This number is constantly increasing.  After watching the video then, people are furiously giving their feedback.  One user wrote, ‘It’s wrong to tease animals.’ While another user wrote, ‘Next time this girl will think a hundred times before salute an animal.’ Another user wrote, ‘Many people should have learned a lesson from this.  How animals should be treated in zoos.

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