Viral Video: શું તમે ક્યારેય અજગરને ઝાડ પર ચડતો જોયો છે?

 As social media expands so do hackers and fraudsters.  WhatsApp is the ultimate target for hackers and fraudsters.  OTP hacked your account.  WhatsApp is an application that is used by most people all over the world.  

     WhatsApp is a scam

     To avoid being hacked here

     You are not a victim of fraud

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     Why are you targeting WhatsApp

     These days, WhatsApp tsp is an app where people share documents and information with each other.  Because of what hackers hacked WhatsApp to steal your data. 

     How does the bully

     Your account has been hacked by OTP Games.  For example, you may receive a message from a friend’s number stating that they are in a state of emergency and need your help.  The hacker will then request an OTP number on your number.  Once you enter the number, your account will be logged out of your mobile phone and hackers will be able to use that account.  Never give OTP this way and if someone wants this number don’t give it, otherwise you will have a big problem.

     After penetration

     If you give TP TP your account has been hacked, hackers can misuse your sensitive data and access your other friends’ WhatsApp through your account.  If you find yourself in this situation, contact a friend first and make sure they are the same.  If you share OTP, you are in big trouble.

     Be safe this way

     Enable dual-factor authentication to prevent such fraud.  You can convert this feature into a very simple step app. Open OpenTapp and tap on the three dots that appear in the right-hand corner.   

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ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા માટે અહીં ક્લીક કરો

  Specify settings by clicking Settings

     Tap on the label option and start two-step verification

     When you select two-step verification, you will see the Enable option

     When you select Enable, you will be prompted for a 6-digit PIN.

     You must add a number to your phone or email.

     When verifying email addresses, two-step verification will be enabled.

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