Trees in Girnar 220 trees complete photos with details of useful pdf.

 Girnar 220 tree trees complement images with useful PDF descriptions.

     Girnar 220 tree trees complement images with useful PDF descriptions.  Many wild animals live in the forests.  The forests protect from wildlife and animals.  The weather is cold.  The air remains fresh.  Trees grew due to strong rains.  However, steady population growth has affected homes, factories, mills, roads, railways, etc.  Create the requirement of land for construction.  They also needed wood and wood to make household items.  Thus, random forests were cut.  As a result, the forest area has shrunk.  People accidentally built the mansion due to their increasing needs.  This has reduced the cultivation of land.  On the other hand, many trees were cut down, and not as many new trees were planted.  As a result, there has been a steady decrease in rainfall and a steady decrease in groundwater levels.

     By staying informed, we now understand the importance of trees and can implement demolition monitoring.  So we suggested some slogans: “plant a tree, save people”, “a tree, a thriving house”, “a child, a tree” and so on.  All these sources reflect the greatness of the trees.  June 5 is celebrated as World Environment Day.  On that day, measures to protect trees and the environment were discussed.  Sewing is very important for this.

     The trees in Girnar 220 complement images with useful PDF descriptions.  Apart from weather, geographical and biological factors, the factors affecting the biological environment of social and cultural conditions are called environment.

     There are three major rappers on Earth.

     Biosphere Environment In these three types of natural remedies, nature has created a balance in many ways.  Biscuits include biscuits and supplied plants, animals, and germs, which are all interconnected.  But humans are intelligent animals, and they are very happy that they started invading other animals and plants on the planet.  Therefore, natural balance is in danger and many problems have arisen.  We call this the problem of pollution.  Thus, environmental issues are developed by man.  Instead of paying attention to the intellectual’s questions, no one asks the questions, then asks the questions, and then closes his eyes to solve them.

     If you have any idea about the benefits of trees and other plants (forests), know how much damage is caused by deforestation and deforestation.  Trees provide us with the following requirements.

વૃક્ષોનો પરીચય આપતી PDF અહિંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો

     220 trees in Girnar, complementing images with useful PDF descriptions …

     It provides food in various forms for humans and animals.  Saves wood.  It prevents soil erosion based on the temperature of the sun, wind, humidity, etc.  Control improves the environment.  Useful for rain.  In addition to the hot winds, fine-grained and brackish grains of sand are protected by animal and plant feeds.  This protects them from floods and droughts.  He also took shelter of birds.  It provides food to the people.  Provides raw materials to industries.  Increasing people’s wealth increases people’s well-being with their products.  Enhances natural beauty. Helps prevent noise pollution.

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