Today’s Latest News Report Regarding Standard 10 Board Exam

 Ahmedabad: The state government has announced that the academic session for the year 2020-21 will start from April 20, 2020.  So students have to come to school for 13 days even after taking the annual exam.  If we look at the possible planning for the academic year 2020-21, the first semester will start from April 20 and the school will continue till May 3.  Then from May 4 students will get summer vacation.  Which will last until June 7.  Thus students will get 35 days of summer vacation.  The first session will resume from June 8.  Which will run until September.  The first semester will be of 174 days out of which public holiday, Sunday, vacation will be found and the school will continue for 113 days as there are a total of 61 holidays. 

The first term examination will start from October 1.  Primary, secondary and higher secondary schools have seen fluctuations in the first semester and second semester days for the last several years.  Regarding which, the state government has made a provision that the academic days of both the semesters should remain the same.

The second semester will be 166 days in which the school will be closed for 49 days

 The second session will start from October 12 and will continue till November 11.  November 12 to December 2 will thus be a 21-day Diwali vacation.  The second session will then resume from 3 December.  Which will continue till 14th March 2021 i.e. academic work.  The second session will be of 166 days.  Out of which public holiday, Sunday and vacation were found, the school will continue for 117 days as there is a total of 49 days holiday.  There will be exit examination as well as assessment work from 15th March to 31st March.  The second session will end on May 31.  This method is said to be applicable in all schools including primary, secondary and higher secondary.  The matter has been discussed in detail with academics and some resolutions have been passed.

How will one month of education be increased due to this decision

 This year, as the session begins on April 20, 2020, there will be an increase of 12 days of education, excluding Sundays.  Also, from the academic year 2021-22, there will be an increase of 24 days of education, excluding regular Sunday holidays, i.e. one month of education.

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 Resolutions passed

 The next academic year will start from April 20.

 Summer vacation dates will be from May 4, 2020 to June 7, 2020.

 Educational work should start from the first week of April.

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