This island is in Gujarat, not in the country or abroad. Open to the traveler

The Pirotan Island, 16 nautical miles from Jamnagar, is near by a marine forest of mangroves in increase to wonderful marine life.  There is a beacon on the island.  

 the Pirotan is one of the two most popular and permitted tourist target out of the seven islands in the coastal area of ​​the National Park.  Prior consent of the Gujarat Government Forest Department, Customs Department and seaport Department is vital for the permission.  

A flag-saddle was placed here for the counsel of ships in the 18th centenary.  Instead of the  limit on the 19th, a 21 meter high lighthouse was connect.  That beacon was restore by another 6 meter high beacon (5 meters high) through the period of the 18th to 19th.  On the 19th, the area around the lighthouse was edict a marine national park with a coral shelf handful  over 5 sq. Km. 

A total of 195 tourist visited Proton Island, 16 nautical miles from Jamnagar, in the two days after the ban was lifted four years later.  A group of  the 100 people arrived on the island on the first day on Sunday.  A further 95 visitor visited on Monday.  The entry to the Piroton Island will be open for six days each month, as the trend of the sixth, seventh and eighth of the month of the Sud and Vad are growing . 

The blazing of the person was a banned on Pirotan Island in the Jamnagar four years ago without the grasp of the system.  Last month, the Home Minister and the Forest and domain Minister were asked to allow tourists to visit Piroton Island for the nature education camps, counting the Nawanagar Nature Club.  From the Gandhinagar, the forest department office has issued a round to allow visitor to go to Piroton Island.  A total of the 195 visitor visited the island in two days. 

 heeding to the Marine National Park Authority, the matter is in the process of the being refuse so that people can book online like Sasan in the coming days.  People can touch the Marine National Park’s website.

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