The rope broke while parasailing in the lamp, the young woman fell into the sea, watch the video. Diu video

 We are all going for a walk in many places. The couple who went for a walk in Diu at that time is going very viral on social media.

We are very fond of hiking. We are going to hike in many places on vacation and holidays. We know that we are enjoying the sea when we go to Diu. 

A video is going viral on social media in which a couple is having fun in a parachute in the sea when the rope suddenly breaks and they fall into the sea.

  According to reports, a couple went to Diwana Nagwa Beach to enjoy the adventure. The couple decided to go parasailing on Nagwa Beach. While the couple was enjoying parasailing in the ocean with the help of a boat, the rope tied between the boat and the parachute suddenly broke. The couple was not seriously injured in the incident as they were wearing life jackets. The couple did not suffer any serious injuries due to the parachute. But this incident can be said to be a warning to those who go on adventure and also endanger lives.

The system should also look into the fact that such incidents occur in many places while we are traveling and should be careful about who is responsible for what happens to the passenger.

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