The Government Will Provide Rs 12,000 To Students To Buy An Electric Two-Wheeler

An importante decisions has been teken by the Rupani government for  pollutions is free environment.  At the same time, the state government has announced a relief scheme to encourage the use of battery-powered two-wheelers and three-wheelers to prevent air pollution from vehicles.  In towns and cities.  At the same time, the Gujarat government is active in changing the special transport policy to allow more than 1 lakh electric vehicles to run on the roads in the state in the next two years.  

  Understand thuis of assistance scherm, the governments has provides Rs.  12,000 will be given.  The stage in a governments has also spent Rs.  48,000 and five thousand de-escalated will be provides for the purchased of battery powered e-rickshaw three Wheeler’s for individu al and instituut ion al ben educatie.  

Rs.  A plan of Rs 50 lakh has also been implemented.  The Gujarat governments is actieve in chanting the specialist transportasi policy to endure that More than 1 lakh electrical vehicles run on the road in the state.  Not only for the next two year’s, but also an incentives is policy for the sale of electrical vehicles is being considers.

Where to get the application form

From Gujarat Energy Developments Agency’s authorised dealer or GEDA website.

List of documents for assistance

1. Bonofide certificate

2. Self Certifies Marksheet of precious years 

3. Copy of Aadhar Card / Driving License of Self Certified Student

4. Proof of self-certified residential electricity bill building tax bill

5. Case certificate issues by the competently authority’s of the students

6. Self-certified copying of driving licence only for high speed vehicles

Where should the application form be submitted?

 The merchant will have to submit the application form after selecting the manufacturer and model.  Assistance in this matter is Rs.  12000 per vehicle

How to avail of subsidy

   It will be credits in to the bank accounts of the eligibles students by GEDA as per the term’s of the schemes.

   Authorised manufacturers model’s of vehicles, maximums prices and where their dealer information will be availably from GEDA websites (Gujarat Energy Developments Agency).  

●Only battery’s lowered vehicle’s can be purchases through this scheme.

●About 10 thousand vehicle’s will be provides under the two-wheelers scheme

●Scheme The assistance received through this scheme is twelve thousand rupees.

●Electric rickshaws will be subsidized up to Rs 5,000

●Scheme About five thousand vehicles will be provided under this scheme

●Scheme Battery’s powdered electric rickshaws can be purchases under this scheme

How apply to online scheme

  • Visit the official website of Gujarat Electric e-vehicle scheme
  • On the homepage, click the “Show all news” button.
  • Displays a form and agency listing link

Download the form

Download Form (Two Wheeler)

Download Form (Three Wheeler)

Agency list

Visit official website

 The Gujarat government is also considering a subsidy scheme of up to Rs 2 lakh for battery-powered vehicles and an accounting infrastructure for charging.

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