Staying in AC all day is causing damage to beauty, avoid it

 Staying in AC all day is causing damage to beauty, avoid it

AC gives a lot of relief during the rainy season. But do you know how air conditioners are damaging your skin and hair? Our skin and hair need moisture to stay healthy. AC steals essential moisture from our skin and hair. Depletion of this moisture leads to dry skin and hair damage. Most of us spend most of our time in air-conditioned rooms at offices or homes. Due to this, the quality of our hair and skin is getting worse.

A lack of moisture also makes your skin tone uneven, making you look older prematurely. Your hair becomes tangled, dry and damaged. Having two-sided hair increases the risk of damage.

You can take these measures to protect…

Minimize use of AC to protect skin from damage.

If you have to sit in AC then keep drinking water and use moisturizer and serum.

Just drinking water is not enough for healthy skin, also include fruits and vegetables in your diet. Eat fruits that are high in water content.

Apply aloe vera gel on the scalp to protect the hair and keep it moisturized. Along with this, coconut oil or olive oil massage is also very beneficial.

If you sit in a closed AC place, keep going out in between so that the hair and skin get moisture.

Dehydration of the skin can lead to premature aging or wrinkles, take vitamins to prevent it. Vitamin E capsules can be taken or applied directly to the skin for antioxidants. But consult a doctor before taking any supplement.

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