Soul Weight: How much does a soul weigh? A shocking thing came up

 Soul Weight: How much does a soul weigh? A shocking thing came up

Atma Ka Vajan Kitana Hota Hai: You have often read that scientists experiment on rats, bats, dogs and monkeys, but never heard of a scientist experimenting only on a dead person. Yes, an American scientist started an experiment to measure the weight of the soul. In which the weight of the soul of many dead people was measured by him. Surprisingly, many people also noticed a change in their weight. From this scientists found out whether the soul really exists or not?

When did mad scientists discover the weight of the soul?

You must have heard about many experiments of scientists, but have you thought that any scientist is desperate to know the weight of soul. Doctor McDougal of America has done this feat. In 1907, he used it to measure the weight of souls on dead people. To work on this experiment, he measured the weight of people who were going to die soon, so that only after they died could their weight be measured once more to find out how much weight they had lost during that time. If so, how much weight has been lost? Only through this will they be able to know how much weight the dead person has lost after the departure of the soul. Now you say what did they get from the dead bodies?

21 grams of weight lost after death!

They observed a weight loss of 21 grams in the first patient. At the same time, another patient lost weight shortly after death, but regained weight shortly after. Two other patients also lost some weight, but gained more weight later. One patient died before the machine was set up.

Lose weight for one minute in the same way

the last patient’s weight did not change after death, but lost 28 grams after one minute. Through this experiment, scientists discovered that there is no such thing as a soul.

Why did you lose weight?

Scientists have said based on experiments that many changes occur in the body after death. This is the reason why the body remains underweight and overweight. Such as blood clotting, exhalation from the lungs, gases escaping from the body due to chemical processes. Later when the government came to know about these experiments, the government banned such experiments.

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