Schools And Colleges Will Start From November 23 In Gujarat

1. 5.0.P. to follow for health, hygiene and safety before starting schools. 

 Protocols Ensuring hygiene and sanitation facilities in the hall.Ensuring complete cleaning of all areas, furniture, equipment, materials, storage facilities, water tanks, kitchens, canteens, floors, laboratories, libraries etc. Ensuring the availability of essential facilities such as thermometers, disinfectants, soaps, etc. The use of thermometers can accurately measure temperature. 

 Sanitize it before turning on.Guideline by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare for disinfection of public places which is available at sincludingoffices.pdf. 

વાંચો સંપૂર્ણ માહિતી ગુજરાતીમાં.

 Team formation for tasks, creation of task trims with assigned responsibilities for various tasks will be useful, such as emergency summary care team health  Response team, general support team, commodity support team, hygiene inspection team etc.  Teachers, students and other stakeholders will be considered eligible to become members of the task force.  Which will work collaboratively to take immediate and immediate action, 9 Seating Arrangements: As per the revised seating arrangement as directed by the Ministry of Health, there should be a distance of at least six feet between the students. 

 If there is a single seater desk, seating arrangement will be effective by maintaining a physical / social distance of six feet in general.  Similarly, in order to maintain physical and social distance between the employees, arrangements have to be made in the office, staff room or other places where there is mobility.  And for safety the physical distance protocols have to be followed, self-classrooms and other accessible farms can have rooms with adequate spacing for teacher.

 The number of seats in the reception area should be limited to a distance of at least six feet between the two.  Ensure that physical and social distances are observed at the place of entry and exit of the school રાખ Separate entry and exit times for different classes of students Mark the line of arrival and departure if the school has more than one entrance exit route  To open all doors at the time of entry and exit so as to avoid crowds, to instruct parents / students and students by public proclamation to maintain and comply with physical and social distances. 

 And schools to prepare their own 5.0.p, based on the guidelines of the Union Territories, adhering to the standards of physical, social distance.  In this regard, it is necessary to ensure that the student / guardian is given clear / broadcast messages on the following matters through notice / post / message / communication, use of grounds, library and laboratory, regular cleaning and disinfection work in the school building during break time.  The use of a school vehicle to transport students to and from private vehicles.  Scheme for Monitoring Student, Teacher Absence Parents Sa Hai Information Exchange Scheme Preparation to meet emergency needs or situation.  Visiting individuals, guardians and other visitors, showing physical and social distance as well as public signs to enforce safety protocols. 

 Placing posters, messages, stickers, and advertisements at bar and inside places such as entrance, exit, cab / bus parking, classrooms, halls, kitchens, drinking water facilities, hand washing facilities, toilets, laboratories, libraries, classrooms  Reminds to observe physical, social perfumes, strictly prohibits spitting to form a circle on the ground at the reception, drinking water place, hand washing place, outside the toilet etc.  Showing a separate queue or line of arrows to come and go for the purpose of avoiding physical intimacy.

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