Put these 2 things in green tea, you will get triple benefits with reducing weight

Put these 2 things in green tea, you will get triple benefits with reducing weight

You must have read and heard the benefits of green tea many times.It contains polyphenols, which are considered good for health.These natural compounds reduce inflammation of the body as well as prevent serious diseases like cancer .Catechist are antioxidants that prevent cell damage.Knowing the benefits of green tea, many people have included it in their lifestyle.However, the way of making it is different for everyone.People also drink green tea to lose weight.Its catekins and caffeine help in burning fat by increasing metabolism.Learn how you can make green tea more healthy here.

not tea, understand health drink

Desi tea lovers rarely like the taste of green tea.However, considering its health benefits, it is prudent to include it in the routine.Tea lovers should not look at it as a substitute for tea but as a health drink.If you drink green after boiling only in water, then you can add some things which will increase its benefits.These two things are ginger and cinnamon. 

How to make green tea

Take water in a pan and add cinnamon powder or wood to it.Boil it till the extract of both the things comes in this water.Now put green tea leaves in a cup.And pour this water from above.Leave it like this for about 5 minutes till the color of the water changes.Now filter this tea and drink it.If you want to add sweetness to it, add honey too.  


Cinnamon and ginger both have anti-inflammatory properties and are rich in antioxidants.Cinnamon also reduces the risk of heart disease.It also has anti-diabetic effect.Not only this, it is considered beneficial in many bacterial infections, as well as some studies have shown its anti-cancer properties.However, these results are based on test tube and animal studies. 

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