Prime Minister Narendra Modi launches health card scheme

 The new scheme, launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, will have a single card with a complete health history, an online record of what the disease is, where it was tested and what drugs were taken. 

     No need to keep a doctor’s prescription anymore, all the information will be on the card at the conclusion of the examination

     If you live in a village, you can get treatment from a doctor sitting at home in the same way you can order medicine online.

     Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the National Digital Health Mission (NDHM) from the Red Fort on the 74th day of Independence.  Thus, in his view, this mission will prove to be revolutionary in the field of healthcare in the country.  With this, every citizen will get a digital card.  There are many benefits to using this card.  For example, what disease do you have?  Which doctor did you see first?  What tests were performed?  What treatment did you get?  What medicine should I take now?  All the information like etc. will be on this card.

What features will the plan have?

Everyone in the country will get a health card.  Once you have this card, you don’t have to worry about having all your doctor’s prescriptions and medical tests.

This card will have a personal health note.  This will allow your doctor to get information about your health history while treating any disease through this related application.  This will make it easier for your doctor to treat you.  If there is any medicine that can harm you, he or she will be notified of this health history.

DG Doctor facility will be available.  This means that private and public doctors will be able to register across the country.

Telemedicine will be available.  This means you will be able to get online treatment from any doctor registered on this platform.

E-pharmacy.  This means that with this card you can order medicines online.

Anyone can voluntarily join this scheme.  He will take special care of his privacy.

Getting rid of problems like investing money, going to the hospital for a doctor’s prescription etc.  All this is now possible with a single digital card.

The plan aims to create a digital healthcare system

Its main goal is to create a digital healthcare system for the entire country.  It will be able to manage health data. .

Health data management will assist the government in the development and implementation of health programs.

The government has used 47 crore drums in favor of NDU.

What should a DG doctor do?

All doctors in the country will be allowed to register in the NDHM application.  They can also give their mobile number on this platform if they wish.  They will be given the facility of digital sign.  They can use it on an online prescription for the patient.

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