Not only gas, this big disease can also cause stomach bloating, if not treated on time, it can be fatal.

 Not only gas, this big disease can also cause stomach bloating, if not treated on time, it can be fatal.

Flatulence is often thought of as a gas-related illness, which is correct in most cases. Actually, due to unhealthy lifestyle and diet plan, the digestive system stops working properly, which leads to problems like gas formation in the stomach. This is the reason that due to the sedentary lifestyle, people start bloating. But do you know that flatulence is not only due to gas but can also be a sign of some major disease and the name of this disease is ascites. In this disease, water starts accumulating in the stomach of the person and for this reason it is also known as ascites in Hindi. Ascites is such a disease, If it is not taken care of on time, then it starts causing problems like liver and kidney and in some severe cases these organs also stop working normally. Let us know how ascites is different from flatulence and how it can be identified.

Stomach swells even in ascites

Ascites is considered a serious disease because in the beginning most people are not able to recognize it and later it takes a serious form. In ascites, the stomach becomes abnormally filled with water, which causes flatulence and most people think that it is a problem of gas. However, if a little attention is paid to its symptoms, then a person may feel many other symptoms apart from flatulence.

How to identify ascites

If there is a small amount of water in the stomach, it can be a little difficult to identify. However, it can still be identified. Lie down straight and place the finger of one hand on one side of the stomach and, lightly hitting with the finger of the other hand, take the first hand to the middle of the stomach. If you feel water inside the stomach or if the water is making waves inside, then it is ascites. However, if there is less water in the stomach then it may also happen that you may not be aware of this disease. In this case, you can contact your nearest doctor. Doctors can diagnose this problem with the help of Thrill Test and Dullness Test.

What causes ascites

This is also very important for you to know, because ascites can also be a sign of liver-related diseases in most cases. If you have ascites, you should also get your liver tested thoroughly. Drinking too much alcohol or having a liver disease (such as hepatitis B) is one of the main causes of ascites.

treatment of ascites

If ascites is not severe, it can be reduced by making dietary changes and other methods at home. However, you are still advised to consult a doctor, as it can also damage organs like liver and kidney. The doctor may advise you to abstain from alcohol, paracetamol and NSAID medicines along with the medicines needed to treat this condition.

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