mAadhaar By UIDAI

Official MAhahaar-UIDAI face application for support owners with Matrix services.

To attract a large number of smartphone users, the new MA Aadhaar has been released by the Unique Identification Organization in India.

MAadhaar by UIDAI

The application has many support services and a personal section for support owners that can always take support data in electronic copy rather than physically download it.


Key features in mAadhaar:

Multilingual: Menus, button labels and similar fields are provided in 12 Hindi languages ​​(Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam) to ensure that Aadhaar services are available to many linguists in India.  , Marathi, Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu).  After installation, the user will be asked to select one of the preferred languages.  However, the input field on the forms will only accept information entered in the English language.  This is to help the user avoid typing in regional languages ​​(due to restrictions on mobile phone keyboards).

University: Residents with or without support can install this application on their smartphone.  However, to avail personal support services, the resident has to present their support profile in the app.

Aadhaar Mobile Online Services: Aadhaar users can avail special services for themselves and other Aadhaar residents or people in need of related assistance.

     The jobs are broadly divided as follows:

Service Main Service Control Panel: Support download, reprint, address update, line fly EKYC download, show or scan QR code, support verification, email / email verification, get UID / EID, direct login

State Status Service Request: Various applications to help the resident to check the status of online application

O My Aadhaar: This is an individual part of the owner of Aadhaar, as the resident will not enter an Aadhaar number to use Aadhaar’s services.  In addition, the department offers residents the opportunity to lock / unlock Aadhaar or biometric verification.

Aadhaar Lock – The Aadhaar owner can lock the UID / Aadhaar number at any time.

Biometrics provide biometric identification by licking L King / non-L King biometric data.  After the biometric record king system is activated, the biometric lock remains locked until the base owner chooses to unlock the lock (temporarily) or closes the king lock system.

TTP Top Generation – One-time password is an auto-generated temporary password, which can be used in place of SMS-based OTP.

Profile update – Refresh the support profile information display after successful completion of update request.

Aadhar History Direct Link

Sharing of QR Codes and EKYC Information by Aadhaar Number Owner helps Aadhaar users share password-protected EKYC or QR Codes for secure and unauthorized verification.

Multiple profiles: The support owner can enter multiple profiles (up to 3) (with the same mobile phone number) in the profile section.

Support services via SMS allow the support owner to use support services even when the network is not there.  For this, you need SMS permission.


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