Live Rathyatra 2021

 Prepare an introductory slide for your business presentation.  Whip up creative status updates for your Facebook Page.  Write congratulations for your grandma in birthday greeting card.  Proudly tweet a picture with your sporting achievements.  Maybe, also list your skills for CV. 

   Just enter a few words, and the app will shuffle them in a very chaotic fashion.  Choose a color or two for your expressive words, resize them, export them, use a picture.  Wash and repeat.

   Enter as many words as you want.

   Choose from five different word colors for a new look.

   Background Choose the appropriate background color.  Yellow words on black background or pink on white?

   !  You can even make a transparent background!

   There are many sizes to frame your idea.  Star, Christmas tree or heart – and much more!

   Choose one or more fonts, such as Color Color.

   Looks great, doesn’t it?

   Picky?  There are other options:

   • Word size can be customized!  The first is just for the first big word, and the second – for everything else.

   Want more than one big key word in the middle?  Enter the word See additional options on the screen!

   Int Hint: You can sort words on the Enter Words screen: just drag and drop them.

   And when you’re done:

   Images Export images to PNG in high quality.

   Share a picture with your friends directly from the app!

   • Or post it directly from the app – on a social network.

   Save Don’t forget to save the result.  You might want to come back to that later!.

   Make some in-app purchases with a really nice shape – check it out if you can!

   Any new paid purchase with brand new functionality also removes ads.

   But if you can’t do that, don’t worry, the free features are great too.


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