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 The best collection of Gujarati disco DJ Dandiya Garba songs of all time.  Gujarati Garba DJ Hits Disco is the best collection of Gujarati Dandiya Garba songs so far.  

Garba is a popular Gujarati dance in the nine night festival Navratri.  Garba songs usually revolve around the themes of Lord Krishna or the nine deities.  Garba’s style varies from place to place in Gujarati.

By defining both religious and cultural themes, Navratri celebrations influence traditional music and dance.  Gujarat has been the center of Navratri celebrations for nine consecutive days and nights.  Navratri is the most famous Hindu festival dedicated to the nine goddesses Durga which symbolizes purity and strength or power.

Garba is a form of devotional dance derived from the folklore of Lord Krishna, who sings and dances with gopis using thin wooden sticks called dandiya.  “Ras Garba” has also evolved which includes steps like Dodhiyu, Trikonani and “Lahari”.  Moreover, with the passage of time, the Navratri festival has seen a change in celebrations with people in well-designed dance performances, exquisite sound and bright custom costumes.  Tourists come to Vadodara in Gujarat to enjoy a mix of high-energy band performances, songs and dances.

Enlighten yourself in Navratri by the grace of Maa Durga.  Listen to Maa Durga’s Disco Gujarati Dandiya Garba songs for free in Mp3 format.

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The application is .fly.  This application works without internet after installation.

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Poonam Gundalia Live Garba 2021 Norto VI

Ish Shwarya Majumdar Live Garba 2021 Norto VI

Lalita Ghoradara Live Garba 2021. Lalita Ghoradara Live Garba 2021

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Kijnal Dave Garba 2021

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Vikram Thakor Garba 2021

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