Life 360-Family Locators

Life 360 ​​Family Locator makes life easier by connecting people to the most important people in the digital world.


With Life360 you can:

Create your own groups, known as “Circles”, like your loved ones and teammates – who care about almost anything and chat with them for free in the family locator.

Family See the real-time location of circle members on a private family map only visible to your circle.

c.  Receive real-time alerts when circle members arrive or leave (text message “Where are you?”)

Check the location of a stolen or lost phone

Enjoy more diverse features and benefits than similar apps

Android works on both Android phones and iPhone

Share location in real time

Stay connected and coordinate with your whole family and receive many lessons you need to coordinate your family’s schedules and daily life Your family members alert you when your family members check in at a location and thanks to your phone’s GPS sensor the family locator can also advise if someone is late.

Looking for a family

Life 360 ​​uses the latest GPS technology to let you know the real-time locations of people who accept your invitation to join your circle and share your location.  Simple installed the Life360 Family Locator app on your phone and invited your family.  Onze registreer, wachten memberikan to you appearance as a uniques icin on the navigationally a mao so you knowledge where they are.  No news about to send annoying “Where did you get?”  or “What is the estimates times of artical?”  Lesson, Life360 Family’s Locatie puts this informational at tour fingertip.  And to male to life easier, we’ll send you another day alert when your family’s of arrived at their destinations!

In order for our app to function properly, we need certain approvals.  Didn’t wordt – when you created an accountant, we’ll help you within this this quickly and East processing.

Location – Life360 puts you and your loved ones on a private shared map.  Thuis settings alles us to show the locations accurately and QuickTime.

Phone Permissions – Life 360 ​​has a feature called Driver Care Support, which connects you to a live representative on the phone with the push of a button.  Our live representatives know who you are and will assist you in roadside situations such as jumps, jumps and shutdowns.  We also provide an immediate emergency response in the event of a vehicle collision.  The phone permission allows us to connect your phone to a live representative and allows you to call.

Network – This connects you to the Internet and allows us to send and receive location information on your own map and from family members.


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