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 If no assistance or scheme is announced by the government, it is criticized. 

But over the years, the beneficiaries of the social welfare department’s number of public utility schemes have not been seen.  The number of Scheduled Caste beneficiaries of various schemes in the district office of the State Social Welfare Department is very low and declining.  Some schemes have not even got five full beneficiaries in five years.  The government is introducing new schemes but these schemes are becoming far-fetched due to stringent income norms.  The population of Scheduled Castes in Vadodara city is 2.08 lakh. 

 Welfare schemes for the development of Scheduled Castes are run by the Social Welfare Department of Gujarat.  Under this scheme, PG Solanki Doctor and Advocate loan assistance for Scheduled Caste beneficiaries in the urban area of ​​Vadodara by the District Social Welfare Department, loan assistance for purchase of place of business and shop, Dr.  Schemes including Ambedkar Awas Yojana, Kunwarbai’s Mameru Yojana, Satfera Samuh Lagna Yojana are running. 

These schemes have not had a single beneficiary of the PG Solanki loan scheme for doctors and lawyers for more than five years.  Loan assistance is provided if the place of business or shop is to be purchased by the SC candidate.  There are only two beneficiaries in five years for this scheme.  In Vadodara with a population of 12 lakh, there are only 15 beneficiaries of Kunwarbai’s Mameru scheme.  Thus, schemes including economic upliftment and health and living are proving to be a false vision in the city of Vadodara!

 Strict condition of income limit

 The income limit for SC candidates for independent business of advocacy under Dr. PG Solanki Yojana is Rs. 5,000.  That is, the child of a person with an income of up to Rs 5,000 per month and up to Rs 5 per day can be the beneficiary of this scheme !!  Only a person earning up to Rs 15 a day for business can get a loan of Rs 30,000 at an interest rate of 7%.  To what extent can this help be useful in today’s skyrocketing inflation?  Apart from this, if the monthly amount received by the patients of TB, cancer and leukemia is transferred to the daily basis, only Rs. 10 to 20 per day is given in the name of help scheme.

How To Register In e-samajkalyan Portal

To open e-samajkalyan Portal you need to open browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox any one) and type

 High literacy rate responsible?

 According to the data published by the Vadodara District Backward Classes Welfare Department, the general literacy rate in the district is 30.5 per cent, while the literacy rate among the Scheduled Castes is 7.15 per cent.  Then people are reluctant to get such help due to high literacy rate. Even after blinding millions of rupees in advertisements, the schemes do not get beneficiaries.

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 The Department of Social Welfare also has very few beneficiaries of cancer, TB and leprosy, serious obstetric cases and vitiligo in women.  The number of beneficiaries of severe obstetrics and vitiligo in the last five years is staggering.  While currently leprosy

 One beneficiary is getting enough to eat.  In the last five years, the number of cancer patients among the beneficiaries has increased from 4 to 6.  While five patients benefiting from.

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