how to make gmail id full information Last correction

how to make gmail id full information Last correction

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gmail id full information

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To send and receive letters online on the Internet, we need an email ID. And to create Email ID, we need Email Service Provider. So that we can communicate through email without interruption.

hundreds of the different types of the free email providers available today. But Gmail is the most popular, free, secure and easy email service provider of these.

If you were trying to create your own email id and came here searching for its answer, then your search will be worthwhile.

Because in this tutorial, how do we make you Gmail ID? Keep giving complete information about this step-by-step. To make it easy to understand, this tutorial has been divided into the following parts.

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gmail id full information Last correction

What is Gmail – What is Gmail?

Gmail is a web-based email service. Through which you can send and receive email over the Internet. Gmail is the absolutely free, for the which you cant have to pay a single penny as a fee.

The full name of this free email service provider, Gmail, is Google Mail. Because it has been developed by the Google itself. Gmail was launched for us in a 2004.

Benefits of creating a Gmail ID?

You can send and receive email by the creating a free Gmail account. Now there is a no need for you to go to the post office and write a letter. You can inquire and inform by the sending a digital letter on the Internet itself.
With Gmail ID, you get up to 15 GB of free hard disk space. This means that the memory in your Inbox will be not be reduced.
By creating this Gmail account, your Google Account is also created automatically.
The, apart from Gmail, you can also use dozens of other Google products like Google Drive, Google Photos, YouTube, Blogger etc. You do not need to create separate Gmail IDs.

Things required to create a Gmail ID i.e. What is needed to create a Gmail ID?

You know that Gmail is a free web-based email service. So you don’t need much. And all the things you need are already available with you.

A computer (you can also do this on a smartphone)

Mobile number
and a little bit of digital literacy
All these things are available with you and you have made arrangements, then let’s learn to create Gmail ID.

gmail id full information Last correction

How to create Gmail ID?

#1 – Open a browser
#2 – Go to
#3 – Click on Create New Account
#4 – Create Username and Password
#5 – Enter some more details
#6 – Get the mobile number verified
#7 – Accept the Terms of Service
#8 – Run Gmail

These steps are also explained in the video below. You can also create your own Gmail account by the watching videos. And by sending an email to your friends, you can ask about their well being.

If you like learning less by the watching, then we have also made the facility of the reading for a you. You can be create your own Gmail ID by the following all the steps mentioned above in the detail below.

gmail id full information Last correction

#1 – Open browser

First of the all, open a browser on your computer or smartphone. We are using Google Chrome browser here.

#2 Go to website

opening the browser, search or in its search bar by the typing any one of the these web addresses. You can be always go here by the clicking on the button below.

Step: #3 Click on a Create New Account

Now the Gmail website will be open in the front of the you. From the here you click on the button CREATE AN ACCOUNT in the top right corner.

#4 Create Username and Password

By doing this, the form for the creating a new Gmail ID will be open in front of you. In this, you fill all the requested information correctly.

Along with filling the information, you also have to the create your own username and password. You can be see the screenshot below for the help.

click here

First name: Enter your first name in this box. Meaning, your full name is the punit Gautam. Then you just write here again.

Last name: Write your surname here. The name given above has Gautam surname. So here Gautam will be written.

Username: This work is the very important and do it carefully. In this box, you choose a username for the yourself. So that your email id can be created. like; is your gmail id. In this tutorialpandit is a your username and is the automatically installed. So write a good and different username for the yourself in the same way.

Password: In this box, create a password for the your Gmail account. You can be consider the password as the key to the lock. Therefore, make your account password strong and secure so that no one can guess your password.

It is better if you do not write personal information like mobile number, date of the birth, name etc. in the password. And make it with the mixture of the alphabet, number and special sign. like; P@$w0rd.

#5 Fill in A some more details

After this some additional information about the you will be filled. Seeing this also fill it the correctly. See screenshot below for the help.

Phone number: Write mobile number in this box. It is not necessary but it is a necessary to the secure the account. So that you can be enable 2 Step Verification in the Gmail Account.

Recovery email address: Here you have to the type a pre-created Gmail ID. But this is the also optional. And we won’t have either. So leave it blank.

Your birthday: Here you have to the choose the date of the birth.

Gender: By this choose your gender.

#6 Get the mobile number verified

clicking on Next, you will be asked to the verify your mobile number. If you want to the verify the number, then click on Send and ask for the Verification Code. Or you can be proceed by the clicking on Not now. And we are doing it here too.

Step: #7 Accept Google Terms of the Service

Now Google Privacy and Terms related to the Gmail Account will be open in the front of the you. Read them completely and after reading go ahead by the clicking on I agree.

Note: If you do not accept the conditions then your Gmail ID will be not be created.

Step: #8 Run Gmail

Your Gmail account is the ready as soon as you click on I agree. And you will be reach the welcome screen. Now you are all set to send the email.

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