Health Tips: Include these seeds in breakfast, blood sugar and cholesterol will be controlled

 Health Tips: Include these seeds in breakfast, blood sugar and cholesterol will be controlled

Some people are fond of food, so they demand to eat different and new things every day.Be it breakfast or lunch.However, doctors often recommend that breakfast should always be healthy and tasty as well as full of nutrients.At the same time, some people ignore this and eat whatever comes to their mind.In such a situation, then those people start having problems ranging from cholesterol to blood sugar.In such a situation, see here about some seeds which are very beneficial for your health. 

To avoid diseases, include these seeds in your diet

1) Sunflower seeds-The fiber present in this seed helps you in reducing LDL cholesterol, (known as bad cholesterol).Vitamin B-3 present in it reduces cholesterol levels and the risk of heart problems.Apart from this, it is also helpful in type-2 diabetes. 

2) Fenugreek seeds-Fenugreek seeds are beneficial for diabetic patients due to high fiber.Lowers blood and urine glucose and lowers cholesterol levels in patients with high serum cholesterol.Both raw and ripe fenugreek seeds have these properties. 

3) Chia Seeds-According to reports, chia seeds contain phenol, which inhibits CHE.Apart from this, it reduces the risk of bad cholesterol, blood sugar as well as heart health. 

4)Flaxseeds- These are a good source of fiber, omega-3 fats, lignans and other nutrients.Many reports have shown that these seeds can reduce the risk of cholesterol, blood pressure and even cancer. 

5) Pumpkinseeds- These seeds contain monosaturated and omega-6 fats, which are good for heart health.Apart from this, they can lower blood pressure and increase good cholesterol. 

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