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   Fear of crowning in the exams: If the student suffers from a fever, cold and cough in the exams, he will have to sit in a separate room, and a special room will be kept in each center.

   Students will be temperature checked before sitting in the classroom.  Divya Bhaskar

   Students will be temperature checked before sitting in the classroom.

   Students will have their temperature checked before sitting in the classroom during the exam. 

   If students are found to have a high temperature, they will have to sit in a separate room and take the exam.  

   The level 10 and 12 exams prepared by the Education and System Department will begin on May 4.  Some rules have been set for the safety of students who take the exam between Corona, among them checking the temperature of students before sitting in the classroom during the exam and the presence of students with high fever or fever, colds and cough, kept in a separate room

   Management exams will start on May 4

   Most schools started in the county.  However, when students and teachers enter the school, it is necessary for one student to sit on a bench, check the temperature before admission, clean hands, and wear a mask is mandatory.  Management exams begin on May 4, so the education department has adopted some rules to keep students away from moving to the crown.  If a student finds a fever, chills, cough, or fever during standard board exams 10 and 12, the student will be placed in a separate room so that another student is not at risk of infection.

   Each test center will have a separate room

   Before students take the exam, the temperature will be checked outside the door and the student will be well-cleaned.  If a student has a temperature of over 99, the student will be seated in a separate room.  For this purpose, a separate room will be kept in all examination centers in the governorate, in addition to the necessity of having a social distance between students during the exam.  All meetings will be organized accordingly.

   Arrange 1 Thermal Weapon for every 50 students

   At the same time, teachers who will be appointed supervisors during the exam will not be assigned another class assignment, and a thermal weapon will be organized for every 50 students, and students will be given a teacher for the exam.  No students’ time is wasted during the exam.  In order to avoid crowding among students coming to the exam, everyone will be given access to the waiting list and vigilance will be guaranteed to maintain general distance.

   Corona management will be behind the salon ticket 

   At the same time, students will be given salon tickets for the exam.  Your coronary artery will tell you what to look for to prevent heart disease.  By doing this, if one student becomes infected with the Coronavirus, the other students may be aware of it and maintain a social distance to avoid infecting themselves.  In addition, the Board of Education may take some steps in the near future.  It will be mandatory for both teachers and students to watch it during the test.

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