GSEB Std 12 Repeater Result 2021

 Class Tester Creator app that allows you to create, publish and share tests.  Creating a test has never been easier.  All you have to do is pick up the paper, crop it, edit it and upload it. 

  Test Easy can be used by teachers, coaches, nonprofits, businesses and other professionals who need an easy way to quickly take online exams, quizzes and tests.  You can create and publish your first test in just a few minutes.

  If your survey is in jpg/png format, simply drag-and-drop it, although you can create your own questions and specify additional images in it.

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  The test allows you to easily scan paper, edit it for better viewing, and add or remove additional text on the paper.  Tests can be created offline until they are finally ready to be published.

 It is easy to understand the ezit format for the exam by visiting and add your own questions in the given paper section. 

 You are allowed to add as many papers as you need to take a particular test. 

  Once the test is ready, you can publish it, and it will make your test live on the server’s database so that it can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

  All you have to do is access the paper and take the exam, as soon as it is published, the exam id will be generated. 

  Publishing and accessing a search is very easy.  You can mark the exam as private if you feel that clicking on the dedicated button named “Exit Execution” should not give edited access to the paper.

  As a teacher, you can share the live test for the students to access.  Anyone with an ID can easily access the paper, considering that it is easy to register as a student.

   The public test can be shared with anyone else.  As long as they are alive, only you can share your public examinations with others.

  If you are a teacher, sharing tests is an alternative way to assign homework to your students.

  Exam papers are saved locally on your phone, and you’ll receive a list of your latest creations.  A simple quiz allows you to easily navigate all your creations, and allows you to

  Edit and republish any of your creations, with or without modification.  You can also delete the combination if you think it is no longer in use and you have lost some memory. 

 Simple Quiz can check students scores, review answer keys and share scorecards instantly with a single click.  Checking papers has never been easier. 

 Once a student has completed their test, as a teacher you will update the score activity list, you can review the grade report and see which questions are wrong.

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