Google Arts & Culture Android App

   The Google Arts & Culture app for Android allows you to visit museums and collections around the world by looking at small details of your favorite art.  

  Download Google Arts & Culture APK 2021

  For many years, Google has had a service that allows users to enjoy the most important elements of art and culture in the world and visit museums and galleries around the world without leaving our desks or mobile devices.
   Google Arts & Culture is a service developed by Internet giant that works with more than 1,200 museums and galleries in over 70 countries to bring the best of the world to the Internet so everyone can discover its vast art database.  Thanks to this service, the user can discover a history of virtual reality visits with amazing image quality through thousands of photos, videos and art.
  Google Arts and Culture Features:
  This allows you to find artifacts by time and color.  

  Access to hundreds of exhibits from over 1,000 museums around the world.
  Opportunity to discover the smallest details of the most interesting work.
  Includes guided virtual tours of the world’s most famous museums.
  Meditation is included so that the user can learn new things every time he opens the app.
 Map showing nearby museums and cultural events.
Compatible with the use of Google Cardboard to make the most of art in virtual reality.
 It allows you to save your favorite works and share the collection with our friends.
 Portrait in Google Museum:
 But Google wanted to go one step further and conducted an experiment using a huge technical database.  They used artificial intelligence and facial recognition technology to find your face among the millions of images stored in the database.
 To try this tool and find what you see on your museum wall, just follow these simple steps:
 Download the Android app from Google Play (also available for iOS).
 Open the app and scroll down until you find an option for your photo in the museum.
 Allow Google to sign in to .min.
 Step 3: Take a selfie, press the start button and wait for your photos to be compared with the database.
  The system will show you several options and a percentage of similarities with each of you.
   Download the Google Arts & Culture app
   Notice of permission:
   Used to recommend sites and cultural programs based on your location
   It is used to identify artifacts and provide information about them
  Contacts (get account):
  Used to sign in with a Google Account to save user preferences and preferences
  A graphic used to identify and retrieve relevant information during a flight

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